Our state-of-the-art flying systems have been developed specifically for our workshops. Under the direction of our expert rigging teams, we have created highly controlled dynamic flight paths for spectacular free flights in open spaces with highest degree of safety for a superior performance. Not offered anywhere else in Australia, our workshops gives performers the chance to create aerial design with ease, requiring a high degree of skill , strength and stamina.

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Winch Flying Systems

Our winch flying system has worked on many feature films "Sherlock Holmes" to the latest Mad Max film - "Fury Road". The system allows of full automation, set move function and manual operation.

Set Move Function

This mode allows the operator to program the aerial -ography. By programming the move the performer can carry out a choreographed aerial routine all in one. This mode will repeat the same element over and over, which ensures that the performer will be meet the same mark each and every time.

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Record Mode

This feature allows the operator to record many revisions of the elect that the aerialist is performing, storing them and then playing the moves back. This allows the complex choreography that is spectacular and very unique to "WHAT"

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Track & High Line Systems

Flying on track of high line systems incorporates manual and winch driven operations and allows the performer the freedom of travelling longer distances at greater speeds. The systems can be incorporated into other rigging and choreography that results in spectacular action only limited by one's imagination.

Counter Weight Rigs

Counter weight rigs are manually operated systems that allow for a very controlled and precise movement. these rigs are perfect for the performer to move freely in the air.

Full Manual Operation

Manual mode allows the operator to control the performers position manually. it is the ideal way for the performer to learn what it feels like to be raised and lowered on a winch, operating manually also lets the performer learn a set of moves one step at a time.

Slack Line and Pendulum Rigs

This style of rigging allows the performed to fly multiple directions using different types of harnesses. the rigs can operate manually or with the use of an automated winch system. Performers can explore and experiment with different ways of moving i the air taking off and landing. this style of flying is essential and well -know as it is the foundation for more technical flying systems.