Flyworx is a creative partnership that embraces the like-minded visions of Gold Coast artists Tammy Zarb and Keir Beck. This exciting collaboration has developed a diverse and eclectic 'think tank' that seeks to integrate, engage and collaborate with local dance, circus, physical theatre, stunt and aerial flying performers engineers and rigging specialists

Keir Beck 

Keir Beck 

Keir Beck is one of the world’s most in-demand stunt riggers and co-ordinators. His rigs have safely delivered some of 21st-century cinema’s most iconic stunt sequences, including the gravity-defying martial arts of The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions and Casino Royale’s ‘crane jump’, voted the best stunt in the history of the 007 franchise.

Most recently, Keir served as action unit stunt co-ordinator on Mad Max Fury Road, working in Namibia under director George Miller. He brings to Flyworx 16 years of film industry stunt rigging and more than a decade of adventure sports and mountain climbing experience.

In addition to his production work, Keir has been commissioned by the directors of The Matrix trilogy and producers of the upcoming James Bond film to conduct specialised rigging R&D to create never-before-scene movie stunt sequences.

Keir’s production experience covers live stage shows, theatre and television, through to blockbuster films including Superman Returns, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Ghost Rider. 

His work on Casino Royale received a Taurus World Stunt Award (the stunt Oscars) for Best High Work. He again won Best High Work for the telekinesis thriller Push, plus a nomination for Hardest Hit.

Keir is the owner and director of Inmotion Rigging, a specialist rigging company established 13 years, and CEO at the National Academy of

Stunt Action & Rigging (NASAR™) and the AP8 stunt academy, all based on the Gold Coast.


Select additional film credits as stunt performer and rigger include: The Wolverine, The Chronicles of Narnia 2 and 3, San Andreas, Max Steel, Jupiter Ascending and House of Wax.

Recently Keir beck received a SAG award for his work in the Mad Max: Fury Road and a BAFT. keir is also 




Tammy Zarb 

Tammy Zarb 

Tammy training began at an early age, training with the Queensland Rhythmic Gymnastics Association. Ms.Zarb then studied all facets of dance and classical ballet and was accepted into the full time ballet course at Ransley Ballet Studio on the Gold Coast.

There she trained under strict disciplines with former Royal Ballet Artistic Directors Joy and Dawn Ransley, where she received exceptional ballet training which she continues to use extensively in most of her current work. 

Her professional dance career includes 20 years of international performances, comprising of live stage shows, cruise ships productions, fashion shows, television appearances and casino showroom productions throughout Australia, Asia and The United States.

Recently, Tammy helped to secure the “Accelerant Triennial Grant” as part of a newly formed collective called the “Circus Corridor” (City of Gold Coast - Arts and Culture Unit) in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games 2018 and beyond. Tammy will be working with artists as part of the “The Playground Project” with the Circus Corridor and “Shifting Sands” site specific performance at Bleach Festival 2016 under the direction of Melbourne based director Donna Jackson. Other

Initiatives include “YARN” professional development led by interdisciplinary artist David Pledger and the “Site Specific Performance Making” initiative led by Joey Ruigrok from Holland.

Miss Zarb is currently Artistic Director and Founder Industry Aerial Arts and Creative Director of Flyworx Entertainment a long side stunt rigger Keir Beck on the Gold Coast. Collaborating with artists, directors and choreographers in the aerial circus, dance and physical theatre arena.

Previously, she worked in the USA and co-founded Orlando Aerial Arts an aerial training space that mentored performers for the Walt Disney Theme Parks and Resorts. As an freelance artist, Tammy has performed on numerous events and stage shows on behalf of AntiGravity Inc. based in New York City as part of the international core roster of artists under the direction of aerial choreographer Christopher Harrison. 

Tammy has collaborated with ground breaking aerial designer and choreographer Dreya Weber (Pink, Cher, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry and Britney Spears) under her Flyworx brand. Tammy has work on many flying systems including Foy Flying in Las Vegas and C5 Flying in Chicago. Other highlights include touring cirque productions with Dreamcast Productions and performances for many well known celebrities.

As a mentor her former students have gone onto careers with “Cirque Du Soleil”, “Cavalia”,“Cirque De La Mer” and “Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines”. Former students have gained entrance into renowned cirque institutes such at “Ecole National de Cirque- Montreal”, ”NICA” and “Pendulum Aerial Arts- Oregon”.