Through a collaboration between Stunt and Rigging Specialist, Keir Beck and renown Australian Aerial Performer and Choreographer, Tammy Zarb, Flyworx Entertainment is a specialist training and education organisation, dedicated to the professional development of the Australian Aerial Cirque and Fly Wire Performers. 

Presenting elite workshops and consulting services, Flyworx Entertainment prepares performers for a professional career in both the Australian and International market whilst assisting the growth of the film industry and live stage production, corporate events and arena spectaculars on the Gold Coast and Australia Wide.


Flyworx Entertainment provides valuable performance training through the "WHAT" workshops. Designed by the Flyworx Creative Directors Keir Beck and Tammy Zarb, and the only of its kind in Australia, these workshops give emerging and professional artists the opportunity to extend their skill sets under the guidance of a creative team and with the capabilities of gathering the most experienced international choreographers and directors available around the globe.

The "WHAT" workshops are Australian based and tour internationally throughout the year and are for the artists dedicated and highly skilled in the following genres:

  • Dancers
  • Aerialists
  • Cirque Artists
  • Gymnasts
  • Stunt Performers
  • Flying Effect Performers

To create opportunities for aerial , stunt, flying performers, dancers and cirque artists through unique workshops with state of the art rigging and with years of experience and knowledge from key icons in the entainment industry from around the globe.
— Flyworx Entertainment


Flyworx Entertainment is Australia's first full service aerial entertainment and aerial stunt production agency. Our services include:

  • Concepts and Creative Direction
  • Consulting services in stunt rigging for feature films, television commercials, live stage shows, arena shows, corporate events and fashion shoots
  • Aerial and Stunt Choreography
  • Consulting services in stunt rigging and coordinating arena shows
  • Action Direction
  • Rigging Design and Implementation

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